Interested in joining us as an affiliate?

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Affiliate Info

-Affiliates will receive a discount code for friends, family, and followers to take a percentage off their purchase! *10% discount; Minimum 25$ purchase*

-A percentage of every sale as a result of your unique link will paid to you, from us! Be a part of the True Bullshit team and mission! 

-Affiliates must be 18. True Bullshit does not assume any financial risks, or other risks of any affiliate under the age of 18. It is the affiliate's responsibility to act with integrity about age and other information. 

-Affiliates are paid securely through PayPal and must create or have a PayPal account.

Affiliate Tiers

-Tier 1 Affiliates: $0.00 - $199.99 in sales - 5% commission

-Tier 2 Affiliates: $200.00 - $399.99 - 6% commission

-Tier 3 Affiliates: $400.00 - $599.99 - 7% commission

-Tier 4 Affiliates: $600.00 - $799.99 - 8% commission

-Tier 5 Affiliates: $800.00+ - 9% commission

-Top Tier Affiliates: 10% commission (available on request and account review)