About Us

  • The True Bullshit Clothing Company Mission: There's a lot going on in the world these days that just simply doesn't make sense. It's truly bullshit. That's where we come in. Our principle goal is to allow for freedom of speech and expression within the world, in a way that doesn't harm others. We're free speech fanatics (unless of course it puts others at risk). We believe everyone should be able to express themselves in the ways they love.
  • What is the True Bullshit clothing company: We're a company that specializes in T-Shirts, but sells anything and everything clothing and accessory related in between. We focus on providing top notch clothing, with top notch messages. We specialize in pissing off old people, but we've been known to offend a few other age groups as well. As long as it doesn't put anyone at risk, we love the reactions our clothing gets!
  • About the True Bullshit clothing company owners: True Bullshit is run by two brothers, not by blood, but by companionship who have known each other and grown up with each other for nearly a decade. One of us grew up a social thrill-seeker, and the other a businessman. But one thing is for certain, we both specialize in networking and entrepreneurship. When we first met, we were caged and sheltered from expression, now we continuously crush whatever life throws at us! We love that and we try to mesh that feeling within every item we sell!
  • How can you get involved with True Bullshit and its mission: If you love us and our mission, and you think you would be a great fit to be a True Bullshit rep, shoot us an email. We have plenty of opportunities for affiliates!